1794 S -22 PCGS "GENUINE" Glossy, dark planchet with some porosity EF-45 $ 2,975.00
1794 S-56 "Dipped" long ago, retoned to a nice brown VF-25 $ 1,995.00
1795 S-78 PCGS "GENUINE" PLAIN EDGE NO VISIBLE PROBLEMS (?) Very nice EF-45 $ 4,250.00
1804 S-266b Rarest die state, this "fresh" coin was acquired from the previous owner's estate wherein it had resided for over 40 years! Attributed as AU-50, it would rank as one of the finest known and highest graded. A misaligned, EF example resides permanently in the American Nusmismatic Society Museum. The coin includes an NGC “PHOTO PROOF” and pedigrees can be furnished. This rarity die state was missing altogether from the fabulous world class collections of T. Harrison Garrett, Louis E. Eliasberg, Sr., and R. Henry Norweb, Jr. The Robinson S. Brown, Jr. collection included a dented, "finely porous," VG-8 example with "corrosion." Walter Husak's magnificent early Large cent numismatic holdings, which sold at a Heritage Auction on February 15, 2008, brought an astronomical $10.7 million, contained only a VF-20 graded example of the S-266b. The first auction segment of renowned Ohio large cent aficionado Dan Holmes' collection brought a record shattering $15,082,577.75 and only offered up a S-266b in F-15. Color photographs provided for serious inquirers. Price is open for negotiation to all interested individuals. Legitimate offers will be considered.
1847 FS-004 Characteristics of both Newcomb #36 and #43. Universal Rarity Scale ( URS-1) by Q. David Bowers. Presently Unique! Uniform red-brown coloration. PCGS AU-55 Make An Offer
1850 Beautiful original red coloration. MS-65 RD $ 2,500.00
1853/3 Off-center 5%. VF-20 $ 150.00
1857 Flying Eagle Sharply struck. PCGS MS-64 $ 1,495.00
1857 Flying Eagle FS-002 S-4B NGC MS-64 “PQ” $ 2,500.00
1857 Flying Eagle FS-002 S-4B MS-65$ 3,750.00
1863 Copper Nickel MS-64 $ 495.00
1864 Copper Nickel Spotless MS-65 $ 1,495.00
1867 Scarce MS-64 RB $ 695.00
1870 AU-58 Nearly Red $ 575.00
1870 Only weakness in upper shield prevents a higher grade. Spotless, fiery red blazer! PCGS MS-64 RD .$ 2,500.00
1870 DDR-1 MS-64 RD$ 1,550.00
1871 Scarcer in this grade than its higher priced cousin, the 1872! Pop. 20 and underpriced as shown in Coin World’s COINValues. Sharply struck. PCGS MS-64 RD$10,500.00
1872 Pop. 40, includes Rick Snow’s “PHOTO SEAL.” Usually weakly struck on reverse, this coin displays a fully struck wreath, shield and all lettering. PCGS MS-64 RD$ l4,450.00
1872 Light, velvety, golden beauty with outstanding eye appeal. Pop. 4 NGC MS-65 RD RARE!$ 29,950.00
1873 Open “3” MS-64 RB $ 495.00
1873 S-2 FS-009.1 ANACS EF-40 $ 695.00
1875 Former Bowers & Ruddy coin. Scarce MS-63 RB $ 325.00
1879 NGC MS-64 RB $ 295.00
1888/7 S-1 FS-010 ANACS G-6 but downgraded to “Net AG-3” because of an obverse indentation at 8 o’clock. Still, it looks very decent. $ 1,450.00
1888/7 S-1 FS-010 A medium brown, elusive rarity but NGC says, "Cleaned." Coin has naturally toned, is an early die state (EDS) with price reduced to compensate. EF-40$ 7,950.00
1888/7 S-1 FS-010 The "KEY!" PCGS MS-63 BN (Has tinges of red on both sides) Pop. 1 SOLD
1888/7 S-2 FS-010.7 Obverse and Reverse surfaces exhibit much red. Pop. 1 NGC MS-63 RBP.O.R.
1890 Reverse tinges of red. MS-63 BN$ 55.00
1901 MS-63 RB$ 50.00
1904 MS-63 RB $ 50.00
1909 MS-63 RB $ 75.00
1909-S Indian Head Nearly full golden yellowish coloration. Low mintage, high-end. PCGS MS-64 RB $ 2,250.00
FLYING EAGLE/INDIAN HEAD CENTS collection (1857-1909-S). Nearly complete set averaging MS-63-65 RD, RB including many varieties/errors. HIGHLIGHTS include: 1859 PCGS PR-64, 1859 (Pattern J-228) PCGS PR-64, 1864 L on Ribbon PCGS MS-65 RD, 1869/69 S-3 FS-008.3 (EDS) NGC MS-64 RB, 1871 PCGS MS-64 RD, 1872 PCGS MS-64 RD, 1873 Closed 3 NGC MS-65 RB, 1876 NGC MS-65 RB, 1877 PCGS MS-64 RB, 1878 PCGS MS-65 RD, 1880 PCGS MS-65 RD, 1881 NGC MS-65 RD, 1888/7 S-2 NGC MS-63 RB, 1891 NGC MS-65 RB, 1909-S PCGS MS-64 RB. Most later dates are not certified. A complete listing can be furnished upon request for serious buyers. Many of these coins have been off of the market for decades and are high-end for their respective grades while others are possible candidates for upgrades. A rare opportunity for someone to acquire the bulk of this popular series in one fell swoop.P.O.R.
1912-D One must grade each coin on it’s own merit and not just rely on the holder it reposes in. Sharply struck PCI MS-65 RD beauty! $ 2,250.00
1915-D A gorgeous, unspotted, fully struck MS-66 RB $ 1,500.00
1916-S From Bowers and Merena "Burke & Clemente" auction sale, lot #1550 MS-65 RD $ 2,950.00
1917/1917 DDO-1 Uniform chocolate brown coloration, nicely struck throughout with a lone obverse carbon speck (smaller than a pinhead) located at 2:00 o'clock near bottom-right of the 2nd "T" of "TRUST." Only slight circulation wear on the highest points of obverse portrait, kept coin out of Mint State classification. ANACS AU-55 $3,250.00
1917/1917 F-12 $ 325.00
1919-S Sharp beard detail, fully struck wheat stalks. A glossy PCGS MS-64 RB $ 500.00
1920 Razor sharp, fiery gold blazer! MS-66 RD $ 1,850.00
1920 The ultimate, "Registry" quality, none graded higher, Pop. 2 NGC MS-67 RD “PQ” $ 25,000.00
1920-S This ANACS graded coin is equally as nice in strike and color yet less abraded than the PCGS piece which sold for a record price of $24,500.00 at a 2004 auction. There is none graded higher at any service. This Pop. 1 beauty stands on its own merit regardless of the holder. RARE! ANACS MS-65 RD $35,000.00 $ 35,000.00
1925-S Lacquered, sharp reverse. MS-63 RB $ 125.00
1927-D “Dipped” MS-64 $ 99.00
1931-S Originally purchased from Bowers & Ruddy Galleries PCGS MS-63 RB $ 295.00
1944-D/S Variety #2 ANACS: EF-45 $ 195.00
1944-D/S Variety #2 ANACS AU-58 $ 250.00
1958 DDO-1 Listed in the "Red Book," The Cherrypickers' Guide, The Authoratative Reference on Lincoln Cents, Breen's Complete Encyclopedia of U.S. and Colonial Coins and also referenced in books by David W. Lange and Q. David Bowers. Referred by many as the "Holy Grail" of the entire series with a Population of only one in this grade. Esoterically RARE and one of only two discovered! Extensive descriptions and photos provided for serious buyers. PCGS MS-64 RDSOLD
1969-S DDO-1 FS-028 PCGS "GENUINE." Obverse was used as the “Plate Photo” seen on page 88 of the 1985 “Red Book.” This coin is pedigreed and was one of the earlier discoveries of this rarity which was originally confiscated by the U.S. Treasury Department. Erroneously deemed at that time as a "Counterfeit Doubled Die," the Treasury Department promptly effaced it's obverse and when it was later confirmed to be "GENUINE," the coin was returned to it's owner. Unfortunately, the scratches exclude this extreme rarity from being numerically graded by the premier grading service. Generous amounts of original red highlight both sides of this "Key" Doubled Die which would grade AU-58 RB otherwise. Check price listing for EXTREMELY FINE grade in current Cherrypickers' Guide! $ 35,000.00
1970-S Level “7” Roll of fifty, all brilliant red UNC but spotted. $ 2,250.00
1970-S DDO-1 FS-029 Population-1. Obverse is 100% Red, Reverse 90% Red. PCGS MS-65 RB "PQ" $ 18,500.00
1972/1972 DDO-1 PCGS MS-65 RD $ 950.00
1987-S ICG Prf.-70 DCAM $ 695.00
1990 No "S" PCGS PR-67 RD CAMEO $ 6,995.00
1992-D Type 1 Reverse Close "AM" in "AMERICA Initially discovered by Mr. Colin Kusch in December of 2001. Obverse a tad subdued, yet brilliant red in coloration, with blazing red reverse. The obverse is void of any carbon spots or contact marks with a lone pinpoint sized carbon speck on reverse to the left of the "O" in "ONE" near rim at 8:00 o'clock which doesn't really detract from the coin's eye appeal. A few very light, microscopic marks below steps of the Memorial, cannot be seen without magnification. Extremely rare and elusive, possibly 15-20 examples known! ANACS MS-63 RD $ 15,950.00
1995 DDO-1 EDS PCGS MS-68 RD$ 195.00
1997 Doubled Ear FS-043 MS-64 RD $ 375.00